Google Play Tightens Rules for Developers: Account Verification and Mandatory Testing

Google Play, the app store for Android, is introducing a number of new rules aimed at improving the security and quality of the apps available. These changes will affect all developers, both new and existing.

1. Account Verification for Developers

Since October 11, 2023, all developers who want to publish apps on Google Play are required to verify their account. Google will require them to provide additional information about themselves and their company, including:

  • Legal company name
  • Company address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Tax information

Verification will allow Google to better understand who is behind the development of an app and increase the level of accountability for developers.

2. Mandatory App Testing

Google Play requires developers to test their apps with at least 20 people before publishing. Testing must be conducted 2 weeks before the app is published.

The goal of this change is to improve the quality of apps and ensure that they work correctly on different devices. Google recommends that developers use Google Play Console to test their apps.

Impact on the Mobile App Market

The new Google Play rules may lead to the removal of some apps from the store. This could negatively impact small developers who do not have the resources to complete verification and testing.

At the same time, the new rules could lead to higher quality apps being available on Google Play, which could in turn increase user trust in the store.


The new Google Play rules are a step in the right direction. They will help to improve the security and quality of apps available in the store.

Developers need to take these changes into account when working on their apps.